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What is this site about?

My wife has been somewhat involved in the Defensive Driving industry for several years - and I am amazed by the number of people who do not realize that Defensive Driving courses are now offered online.  Many people still think of Defensive Driving or Driver Safety classes as being long, boring, and an absolute waste of time.  And some classroom presentations are that way.  However, there is such variety available today in the online courses that taking a class no longer needs to be boring and tedious. 

Online courses allow you to take the course at your leisure and convenience.  It can be broken down into segments to match your time restraints.  No more giving up that Saturday just to take a course.  Online is the only way to take a course today!

But sometimes picking a course is extremely difficult.  In my research, as I search for courses for different states I find that there are so many different courses available for each state.  Some states regulate the schools - some do not.  Many online courses advertise their course as being applicable in every state, and some courses are stretching the truth just a bit in their advertisements.  Some things are really amazing!

On I have attempted to pick and recommend a good, reputable, and honest company for each state.  Some states will allow the dismissal of a ticket, some will reduce points on a driver's record, many insurance companies will offer a reduction of premiums...but each state is different...and in most cases the decision to allow a Defensive Driving course to be of benefit rests solely on the decision of the Court or Judge.  So it's always advisable to check with your Court to ask if a course is acceptable to dismiss a ticket or citation, or to reduce points on your driving record.  And to ask your Insurance agent if they offer a discount for completing a certain course.

I do not own or have a vested interest in any of the schools I have recommended on this site! 

Good luck on your course!

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